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Originally Posted by Peanutuk
As he was in his late twenty (maxiumum) whilst working on AP I very much doubt that it is him.
Perhaps unlikely, but in the early days of home computing it wasn't uncommon for teenagers to be commercial coders, computer book authors or magazine reviewers. The computing industry was still very much a homebrew/cottage industry back then.

@Peanutuk: not to shoot you down, but I would have been early-20s in the 1990s and I was coding on the VIC-20 when it was out. Four or five C15 tape cassettes filled with games attest to that If only I hadn't recorded over them WHY DO WE DO SUCH DUMB-A** THINGS!?!
Hehe........ya old fart! I was coding games in BASIC on the VIC 20 and BBC back in 1983 at the ripe old age of 11 years Did all my best stuff on the C64, though, when I got one for Christmas a couple of years later. Yeh, like you, I was young and silly........I foolishly gave away all my cassettes of coded stuff along with most of my mags (CU, Personal Computer Games, Computer Gamer etc. etc. - all except my Zzap! 64 collection, thank God!!) and an Action Replay cart to a young kid who bought my C64 (which I imagine he only wanted for the games!). At the time I needed the money to buy an A500, so I threw just about all my C64 gear into the deal without thinking too much about what I was doing. Probably explains why I over-compensate now and tend to hoard my Ami gear!

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