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Don't worry I won't just be putting the whole lot back up, I do plan on only adding certain things to the site as hosting all of the old files leads to it's own share of problems (people saying a game doesn't work properly when in fact it does but they haven't downloaded the newer version).

I can't say how exactly I'll be doing it as it depends on how much time I get to devote to it over the coming months but I am not that happy with just putting the old site back up as I always wanted to make a lot of changes.

Watch this space as they say!

And Polybius, I don't make the whdload installs themselves I just put the game and install together

Check out the official whdload page over at and you'll see Super Skidmarks doesn't have a whdload installer.

I do have an installed version of Super Skidmarks though, but it's not whdload. Let me know if you want it and I'll upload it for you.
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