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Originally Posted by bippym
If this turns into a proper functional and useable OS (working on more system setups) then I'll definately consider purchasing it.

Needs to run all OS legal 68k code and also perhaps code that hits the hardware (in the future)

Amiga on x86 could be good
I completely agree with you. It already does most of what you suggest. Sadly it's now a dead project but for the open-source bits that the likes if Gary work on...

The usual mess that seems to infect all things Amiga:

Bernie Meyer in conjunction with Harld Frank ( I think ) of Haage+Partner wrote it using some ip ( ks-rom + a few other bits ). It was then marketed by H+P as a package with AmigaXL ( similar to Amithlon ).
Initially it had offical support from until they noticed H+P did not have all the required licences for the ip included in the package. H+P do not agree with this point.

Negotiations quicky turned to arguments & then legal threats at which point Bernie Meyer withdrew his support for its continued marketing as legal action may well have involved him & cost him millions despite his only involvement being to write most of the code & trust the other parties!

Whatever the rights or wrongs of this situation H+P continued to sell Amithlon despite the withdrawn support of a key developer ( Bernie ) and so ensuring that further development of the non-opensource & disputed parts would no longer be legally possible.

Bernie had almost finished an update of Amithlon ( Umilator ) which not only solved many of Amithlon's issues, but from what I've seen was so good that if it had been released would have solved the upgrade & compatability problems for all AOS users. No need for PPC, 68k would be fine for any task as a form of virtual assembler running on top of cheap x86 hardware!

Sadly this could not be released because it contained ip from H+P that was under dispute & though I'm sure Bernie could have replaced them with his own code, by that point had lost interest in the project.

Further sad fallout is I understand Bernie was planning a new jit-core based on Amd64 which would have been several orders of magnitude faster that the current one while having fewer comatability + timing issues. If he is still working on this it is not now for 68k...

For anyone interested I hope I've given a ballanced view of what happned. Please don't flame me if you disagree - polite correction is fine.

Taking into account the above would you be happy for me to use this forum to post a demo-copy to any interested in my sending the original?

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