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Ya' like it Retr0?
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okies charlie sounds like a big plan.. ( and something to do after my current project is complete )

if all is okay then PM me costs etc.

insofar as QNX goes...

I went to the developers convention in london 2000(or lahndon as i call it) way back when the neutrino core was being established as a potential embedded kernal to run on what we now called Point of Sale(POS) and other industry standard components. if anyone has had the opportunity to run bluecat os on POS or PRIMUS (not transformers that are cool i'm afraid) systems i can safely say they *ahem* were drastically influenced by the QNX neutrino.

you can get an x86 client for a bit of fun.

now i wonder if my develoer license is still valid lol...

... and in my opinion it has and always will be RTOS awsome!
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