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Hi Zetr0,
I was hoping you would be interested... I suspect Gary is currently the only one with any real tallent still actively playing with Amithlon & if I can get others involved. ( My ulterior motive )

The QNX version is very underrated - lacking some speed, but inheriting more compatibility.

I've got two copies because of some wild clicking on my part when I ordered it years ago - I never got round to returning one!

In my own experience you won't go far wrong with 32bit VIA based mobo's. nForce2's too.
It was written with AMD in mind, but works fine on Intel ( with an update )
Some AMD64 systems work, but as I don't have one, couldn't say.
GFX? - nVidia is best supported. The Voodoo3 PCI will also work with Ward3D under Amithlon if you know how to fiddle with the driver. ( There was never offical support due to the usual amiga in-fighting ) It all runs through Linux's framebuffer.
Sound? - some ac97's are supported but not all, SB128 & SBLive! are other obvoius ones.
USB? - Poseidon works very well.
SATA? - if enabled can stop Amithlon booting depending on your system. ( See latest kernel update )
SISI? - if it's PCI & you can find/write a driver it should work much as if you had a Mediator-equiped Amiga.
( Interstingly PCIe looks like PCI to Amithlon so this doesn't have to be a problem, though device numbers may need altering )

I hope the above helps - more to be found searching:

If you remain interested I'll send a copy for evaluation. ( inc updates ) It will be in the region of 65mb at a guess.

I prefer to do it this way as I have only one spare copy & I'd like to hope it goes to someone who finds it useful.

If the moderators aren't happy I'm only after postage costs for the boxed set, so let me know & I'll include a cd with any extras/updates I have.

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