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considering the *certain* tensions of late charlie i dont blame you for making sure so if all is okay , i am interested in testing. i will even build a couple of different rigs to test it on.

my plan is to look at the effcientcy of the x86 achitecture of the P4 1.5 and an AMD of the same specification. I would also like to see if the memory speed, access and size is a serious consideration factor. as a foot note to compare this with a 64bit chip running it as well.

I want to look at different onboard resources including sound cards (from onboard ac97 to a couple of CMI8837/9 chipsets) as well as USB stacks (1.1/2.1) noting if at all the smooth transparency of such components (including scsi devices)..

and finally i want to test this again a QNX solution for the 68k / x86 set of architectures...

I am interested in reviewing source comparing it to X11 (wich i have laying arround here somewhere)

phew.... sounds like a task and a half....
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