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I don't have a copy of imagine, but for v.rough comparison my 3200x86 'Amiga' will run Quake I in 640x480 @ about 140fps compared to an '060-50 with rtg @ about 3fps - according to AmigaActive. All software rendered, so hopefully a fair comparison of raw processing speed.
No - AmigaOS does not need this kind of speed but it is handy for tasks like rendering, processing mp3's etc.

In other respects if it will dispaly under Picasso96 ( with modepro if needed ) it will run on Amithlon. My install is also setup to Point E-UAE to my sys: partition so I've got chipset access on a seperate screen when needed.

I bought two boxed copies of Amithlon before decided H+P didn't have the right to sell it...
Sooo, if anyone wants to give my spare a try let me know.

It would be least bother to me if I sent an .iso for testing & if found useful post the original for a small donation.
This would also allow me to include some updates & setup guide as it can be quite tricky - esp on more modern hardware.

I will need the blessing of one of the moderators first before sending anything & I have only one spare copy!
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