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Originally Posted by Minuous
Maybe you should word that slogan a bit differently given recent events :-)
If that's a potshot at Cloanto's "Amiga Forever", i wholly agree. I can't understand how a company that makes money out of selling free open sourced Emulators, and Kickstarts and Workbenches that should be free Abandonware by now, that repeatedly forces the closure of Amiga Emulation Websites, and is clearly interested in benefiting snitches who helps them destroy said Websites and with them the health of Amiga Emulation; in anyway helps the Amiga. I think i've lost count on how many Amiga Emulation websites were destroyed like this - Many of them not even holding any violation content, but simply legally terrorised into compliance.

Quite the contrary, it seems, to me, that Cloanto is now the major hold up in an Amiga Emulation flourishment, until they have and mantain a financial interest in being the sole profiteers of Kickstarts, Workbenches, and free Emulators, the Amiga Emulation scene will never be free to be all it can be, and right now, it's shadow of what it could and should be.

All other platforms are free - even some that were more recent than the Amiga - and the Amiga still is paralysed in time, fallen prey of the same old parasites that unfortunately always plagued it's existance.

Let's hope for better days I'm not too hopeful though.
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