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Yeah, unfortunately even though the Amiga still has a large following that loves real Amigas like A500 and A1200, until the weirdos who're trying - and constantly failing - to make a new "Amiga" frankenstein based on failed platforms like PPC or whatever nonsensicality which have nothing to do with Amigas, and are fronted mostly by people who never even had an Amiga in the 80/90s, i doubt the real amiga scene, the Emulation scene, will be able to flourish as much as it could. The recents events are clear evidence of this. Some people are hellbent on destroying the Amiga Emulation Scene.

I'll even throw in the so called amiga "Developers" that make money out of selling Kickstarts and Workbenches that should be free by now, as they are for all other platforms, and who's time is solely dedicated destroy Emulation website after Emulation website.

In the meanwhile, the people who had Spectrums, C64s, Amstrads, STs, Arcades, NeoGeos, Nes and Snes, get to have a ball. The C64 community is a lot more vibrant than the Amiga, demos are still being made, complementory software, even new hardware, and a myriad of developments. While we just get to watch and wish we had it too.

Sometimes you have to wonder why must real Amiga fans carry the f'n cross. It's disheartening.
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