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> Argh! Hyperion! Those who port shitty PC games to the meega!

Well, I'd prefer unique Amiga games too, but unfortunately, the market is way too small for

But Hyperion simply rule. You may not like their products, but these guys are die hard Amiga
fanatics. They're running a company that makes money with contract work for the Macintosh just
to spend that money on Amiga related stuff. E.g. they already know that they won't make money
with their Amiga port of RealSoft 3D, but still they'll port it.

The master minds behind Hyperion are the Frieden brothers (they are twins actually, and really
look exactly the same ). These guys are brilliant programmers (they were teaching OS design at
the university prior to founding Hyperion), especially when it comes to 3D stuff.

> You know, to me the current Amiga stuff kind of lost the feeling of what Amiga really was,

Same for me. Something like the Amiga (or the C64) will never happen again. Even if they'd build
a console that would be able to run XCopy and had some decent (non-3D games and a keyboard,
it wouldn't be the same anymore.

The hardware is outdated as hell, but the OS still rocks. IMHO, everything else is complete crap
compared to Sassenrath's and Mical's wonderful piece of art.

> and I don't trust a bit of what Amiga Inc. says. My belief is that they just want to cash in
> with the Amiga name and take a dime out of amigans, that's all ... all promises, no action.

They are not evil or something, just like children trying to run a company. Biiig goals, but
no idea how much work and money will be needed to achieve them. They're out of money for nearly
one year now (nobody will invest money in IT startups since the technology market collapsed).
The AmigaDE is a cool idea, but it has nothing to do with the "classic" Amiga.

Fortunately, some important persons from the Amiga community (Hyperion, H&P, even good old Petro)
were able to them into continuing development of the classic OS. That's all I need

> when I think Amiga actually is sticking a fist up their arses.

They're not involved with the AmigaOS anymore. That stuff is handled by Hyperion now, at least
for the next 1-2 years.

> But first, Ive got to buy a Mac (screw PCs, i got sick of 'em) for me to work with.

There's a (very) slight chance that OS4 will run on Macs (after all, a Mac is just another PPC
motherboard with an OpenFirmaWare FlashROM), so maybe you'll be back sooner than you

> Good luck with OS4 development. Will it be PPC only? I know pish all about it (not that Im
> interested, but its good to haev some info )

Yes, PPC only. Will be available for Amiga 1200/3000/4000 PPC, for various G3/G4 accelerators
currently in development and for several PPC motherboards currently developed. Supports up to
date GFX and sound cards (latest ATI Radeon and the like) USB, later on FireWire. A port of
OS 3.9 to PPC with optional Virtual Memory, basic Memory protection and lots of minor
improvements. Will be released in February.
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