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Originally Posted by keropi
oh... ok , I misunderstood
having both cards solves all comp. issues lol
Its a pain setting up IRQ's but once done its worth it.

My 386/40 has A gravis Ultrasound Max with 1MB of RAM (came with 512K) and a Soundblaster Pro 2.0 for early DOS games (Tseng Et4000AX for video)

My P200MMx has a Gravis Ultrasound PnP (8MB of RAM) along with a Soundblaster 16 + DBX50 Yamaha waveblaster add-on (Nvidia RIVA 4MB PCI for video). I also have a Orchid Righteous 3d Voodoo 1 for when I boot into Windows 95 for early 3dfx Games using removable HD carriers.
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