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Argh! Hyperion! Those who port shitty PC games to the meega!

You know, to me the current Amiga stuff kind of lost the feeling of what Amiga really was, and I don't trust a bit of what Amiga Inc. says. My belief is that they just want to cash in with the Amiga name and take a dime out of amigans, that's all ... all promises, no action. I got sick, it's been like this for, like, 8 years already! So I get quite sad when I see current Amiga zealots (not you) defending those bastards to death, when I think Amiga actually is sticking a fist up their arses.

It's fine (nay, great!) to use an Amiga nowadays, adn I'd use one if I had the cash to buy one, but for my work, I just cant use an Amiga because the software I need is not there. But as my home computer, I'd take an expanded A1200/4000/3000 anyday. And I plan to build one, as soon as possible, though I dont think I'd stick a PPC in there, just an 060 MAX. But first, Ive got to buy a Mac (screw PCs, i got sick of 'em) for me to work with.

Good luck with OS4 development. Will it be PPC only? I know pish all about it (not that Im interested, but its good to haev some info )
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