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Originally Posted by amiga
you know what ?? Speculators like you are the plague of the amiga scene !!
So what exactly is your strategy, insult me for running a business and at the same time request download links for my works, as you did above? That's at least a novel approach. Or maybe just a bit thick.

The inconvenient side of commercial software is payment. The other side of the coin is software quality. They either go together or the commercial developer is out of business: nothing can be sold if customers aren't happy or if free software is better.

A few months ago, you could have downloaded GoldED for free. That was a limited-time promotional offer. Obviously such offers are financed by previous customers (who paid for the development) and have a commercial purpose (to increase visitors and ultimately sales).

If you download a freebie, you benefit directly from the commercial background. It's a bit stupid to condem it at the same time: "speculation", as you call it, gives you software that you otherwise woulnd't have.
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