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allright, a good DOS box is like that... and I mean a DOS box, not an old pc with a voodoo to run 3d games...

- p200mmx or 166mmx (anything from 486/100 to pentiumII/400 is good, but if you manage to keep under 200Mhz then some old progs won't need speed patches to run... not that this is a big deal, a small TSR can fix it, but for DOS anything above a 200mmx is not really needed... also a pentium1 is a good idead too, let's you run windows98/me so you can easily make a network , use usb devices to transfer stuff to the dosbox and finally use the FAT32 filesystem that does not have the 2GB per partition limitation)
- 64 MB ram (if u can find one, lol I use an 128MB SDRAM module...)
- A PCI gfx card , with 4MB or 8MB ram , the s3 virge ones where good and common so they are supported a lot. then you need to get also the free UNIVBE 6.7 package to add better VESA screenmodes support... on another thread there where reccomendation for Matrox cards, but I never had any of them...
- A soundblaster16 ISA sound card that has the wavetable connector so you can add an extra wavetable daughterboard. there are better sound cards than soundblaster16 for sure, but since we need high compatibillity without messing with drivers/settings, this is an excellent choise.
as for the wavetable daughterboard: excellent choises are the Yamaha DB50XG or DB60XG or the Roland SDB-55. ofcourse the ultimate midi+wave combo would be: sb16+db?0XG and an extra isa midi card like the Roland LAPC-I or the SCC-I ... that gives 100% sound satisfaction
- 20GB HD ... it is amazing how fast u can fill it with old games

I have this dos-box: p166mmx/128MB Ram/20GB HD/Diamond Stealth3D Pro (s3 virge dx) 4MB/SB16+DB60XG/Roland SCC-I and a USB2 pci card to transfer files easily... installed is win98se with the unofficial SP2...
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