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Ya' like it Retr0?
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its interesting... after all anything thats retro has me a little excited... i do share corperate mis-givings (as simply corperations: they cannot give things).

I have a question about certain games that sega does not own the rights too will they be available to d/l ?

what about abandon ware will they try and flex some obscure ownership rights?

after i have d/l loaded these rom/games will they be modified so that they only run with a certain emulator?

what rights do i have with these roms? can i copy them, lend them to a friend or even stick 'em on dvd and ebay them ?

what proof will i have to show that i leagally downloaded these images?

I like the idea of a corperation going open-source with its old stuff as it will provide an influx interest and can provide a good vehicle for other commercial ventures by establishing a current if not retro geard user base.

either wich way it proves to be intersting... espcially if i can get my dirty mits on a genesis / megadrive emu for my GBA

mentioning that, i would love to see sega put some R&D into a handheld again...

PS did anyone notice that PS3 launch was put back again ?!
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