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me too i always thought that Team17 games, while being important to my gamer days, were subtly flawed. either it was the graphics whose feeling i did not get, like they were made by someone whose taste unconsciously i really dislike, like elements of it you could see repeatedly so to catch it, but nevertheless it was uncoherent, unispired.
or the gameplay that had some "i don't underatand why ever they did that" here and there. i played them a lot though and they are not bad either. i liked and disliked a lot Project X and the Alien Breeds for instance. btw: i still think that while the gameplay is at the same level between Xenon 2 and Project X, Xenon 2 beat the craps out the opponent for the graphic: the fun is kinda alike, they both have originality touches and flaws, the design is solid for both, but the graphic of Project X while, being advanced and well utilizing the capabilities of the Amiga, pales to the power of the Nautilus and the Trilobytes! AHAHHHAHHAHHAHA... ehm
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