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For those that don't know...

Amithlon makes x86 hardware look like an Amiga + RTG + AHI to AmigaOS ( Or a Draco if you prefer )

You get a VERY fast 68k Amiga for all the kinds of software that can use such a system.

No chipset emulation...
Part of the reason why it's so fast & as AmigaOS does not sit on top of UAE + HostOS etc you get a system that behaves like a fast Amiga, not an emulation.
If you want to run software needing the chipset - 68kE-UAE works fine.

Open Source?
The kernel is... it's the Linux base for Amithlon that makes a PC look like an Amiga. I believe Gary has problems with bandwidth, which is why he doesn't post the sources, but if you ask he will send... eventually - it is a part-time project.
The rest is the property of, Bernie Meyer, and Haage+Partner. To cut a very long story short I'm sure Bernie would be happy to open source Amithlon ( which would aid further much needed development ) but the other parties have 'issues' shall I say.

Here endeth the lesson.
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