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> Uhh... where do you got this number from?

Both the development team and the distributer confirmed that number.

> I think there's only one (online-)shop left here in Switzerland selling Amigastuff, compared
> to 1000's (10000?) of PC-shops... and I don't know anybody personally that still buys
> old-fashioned Amiga hard- or software. I'm not the only one that doesn't buy Amiga stuff
> anymore...

Yes, but that doesn't mean it's completely insane to develop commercial Amiga stuff. There
would be a lot of insane teams otherwise:

PCI-Bridgboards are built by three different companies (Elbox, Matay, DCE). There are USB
expansions for the A1200 clockport. A new Zorro Soundcard will be available in December, aswell
as an improved Zorro2 Ethernet card.

Papyrus Office is currently getting ported, a port of RealSoft 3D is announced, aswell as a new
DigitalVideo suite ("Motionstudios"). Most major software packages are still regularly updated.

Games released in the last 12 months were Payback (GTA clone), Heretic 2, Sin (not released, to
slow un current Amigas - will be available for OS4), Shoogo, Descent Freespace, Simon the
Sorcerer 2, Earth 2140, Nightlong, Foundation Gold, Bubble Heroes, Napalm, Feeble Files. Ports of
Worms Armageddon, Soldiers of Fortune and Knights&Merchants are announced.
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