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Originally Posted by Zetr0
@GODS: bah.... gods..... bah!

lion heart was in so many ways its superior... the only thing gods had was a catchy intro tune....

as far as platform games go GODS was a step in the reverse direction...

@Super Frog: depsite the fact i hate platformers this one hooked me.

a lot of peeps say that a lot of team17 games had no soul or over comercialised in some cases both...
I couldn`t believe the graphics when i saw this bolted upto the TV... i rember i had just finnished LED on the C64 and went round my uncles whom had an A500.... i can tell you now.. i was over wowed! and 3 months later.... our house had an A500
Totally disagree about Lionheart. I dont even like the graphics, which seems in most peoples eyes to be its main strength. Ugly overly complicated sprites finished in equally ugly colours. Also, from what Ive played, it seems quite linear. Get from point A to point B with not a lot in between. Maybe this was just the early levels. Definitely NOT superior to Gods - in my opinion of course

Im actually one of those people that find Team 17 games soulless. Theres something about them that makes them very bland. They look nice, they sound nice and are technically very impressive but theres more to a good game than just these elements.
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