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> aye, you just blew up my illusion before I tried the game

Let's say I saved you one big dissapointment ;-)

> I dont believe in anything Amiga Inc. related, so they can stick that PPC motherboard up
> their (and Eyetech's ) arse, and let me play with my A600.

I agree that OS4 is not interesting for the retro-gaming crowd, and AInc certainly could do
a far better job when it comes to merketing - but I don't understand why you nearly *hate* them?

For us, the people that are actually *using* their Amigas for Word processing, DTP, Digital Video,
Internet or whatever else, OS4 is a brilliant opportunity to move on. It's just a bit late..

> I just hope you don't buy any of their pro-Amiga (all lies) propaganda, my friend.

I'm actually involved with OS4 development, so: Yes, I believe their lies Amiga Inc. are not
involved with OS4 development anymore, it's completely outsourced. The guys handling it now
(Hyperion Entertainment) are absolutely reliable and well up to the job. OS4 will be released
February 2002, I can promise that.
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