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Originally Posted by Dastardly
I quite like the fact it has no in game music. I think if it had then it would make the gameplay quite different as part of the game is listening out for distant trapdoors, aliens spawning, objects falling etc as a result of level switches etc. Im not sure how this would work with music.

Im sure if it did have music it would have been excellent.
I don't mean music playing through-out the game, that would have spoilt the atmosphere. I meant that music was used to good effect in certain situations and the music would need to be quite and moody, sort background noise etc..

Originally Posted by Zetr0

@Super Frog: depsite the fact i hate platformers this one hooked me.

a lot of peeps say that a lot of team17 games had no soul or over comercialised in some cases both... however this little gem of a game had all the right ingredients of an arcade platformer... its simple interaction with good moving melodies, well drawn aga graphics and some fantastic level design... simple classic.
What version of Superfrog did you play?

I have never seen an aga version
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