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@GODS: bah.... gods..... bah!

lion heart was in so many ways its superior... the only thing gods had was a catchy intro tune....

as far as platform games go GODS was a step in the reverse direction...

@Super Frog: depsite the fact i hate platformers this one hooked me.

a lot of peeps say that a lot of team17 games had no soul or over comercialised in some cases both... however this little gem of a game had all the right ingredients of an arcade platformer... its simple interaction with good moving melodies, well drawn aga graphics and some fantastic level design... simple classic.

@Giana Sisters: i spanked this game on the C64.

a complete mario brothers rip, even down to the bugs... bored the pants off me so i played Archon instead ... without pants......

@Sword of Sodan: when i first saw this, I had to pick my jaw up.

I couldn`t believe the graphics when i saw this bolted upto the TV... i rember i had just finnished LED on the C64 and went round my uncles whom had an A500.... i can tell you now.. i was over wowed! and 3 months later.... our house had an A500
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