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I like gods, I like Superfrog, I like Sonic, I like Giana Sisters.. I don't like Chuck Rock 2

I just can't get into the game for whatever reason, and i'm sure you guys appreciate that!

With gods I think the levels can be a bit big, and maybe if they had utilised a constant loading system like SWIV the graphics could have changed as one played it, to make it less repetitive looking..

This is the main reason I hate most FPS games, as I get lost too easily with all the walls etc looking the same and being repetitive.

The levels in Gods are generally huge, and slow. This is why I understand some members not liking it. For others I understand and can see why they enjoy it so much

I was WOW'd when gods was first released, and my only wish is that it was developed on Amiga and then ported and scaled down for the ST. The game could have been visually much better if it had used 32 colours!

Image what it could have looked like on an AGA machine. It could also have had some background music to add to the ambience
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