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Hey, I was not saying you were lying, I was looking for a detailed tech explanation like the one you gave me Thanks.

As for checking the differences in PCs.... first, I don't play poop PC games, second, I have a Pentium 133 at home, so I only notice the difference while working at the studio with a P3 800

I also think the blitter would help the Amiga make faster 3D routines. Anyway, there were not many vector games on both, unless you mean solid polygon games, when you say 'vector'. Vector game is something like Star Wars or Asteroids.

BTW Kheph, I always heard about teh Archimedes but never seen one running. What was its best application? And is it hard to get one nowadays?

I'm also interested in nabbing a Falcon or a TT030. Anybody has a spare one to sell?
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