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Just to really see what I was missing out on, concerning Gods, I did download a longrun of the game and watched it (since I can't manage to convince myself to give it more time and chances than I already have).

Earlier I said that the game, to me, had a bland level design... and, well, yes, I still think it has, but only graphicswise (I love the graphics, but not the way the building block of each level feels overused making the levels, to me, LOOK rather repetetative and monotonous).

It is very obvious though that they have spent a good amount of time filling the levels with tons of secrets and god knows what... and, I can fully understand why that aspect of the game is so appreciated.

Still. I just have to give up and admit to myself that I will never see the glory of this game. I have given it more chances than I normally would have done with any game. The only conclusion I can come to... is that what it has to offer game play wise I just can't appreciate due to the other aspects of the game that bothers me. I am impressed with how many people really got into the game and apparently came to love every aspect of it, more or less. It really does feel like a game that shouldn't, looking at the history books on gaming, have appealed to the masses the way it did (or, at least it have given that impression during the years, but maybe it just have been the fans of the game that have been very loud, what do I know). But one have never known, and will never know, how the world will turn. And I am certainly no 'expert' on gaming. Just an individual having some personal opinions on much things related to digital games.

I'm done with Gods now. Next game to disassemble, anyone?

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