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Give VmwAROS a go (was: New Amithlon Kernel available !!!)

Work on kernel 3.10 is finally done and it is available from the downloads section, along with a new pack of linux-side drivers (0.90).

Highlights of this new release are:
  • Support for more GeForce FX models (ie, 5700, 5100, etc)
  • Support for GeForce PCX PCI-Express cards.
  • General bugfixes to the GeForce and Radeon drivers.
  • SATA support (yay!) for VIA 8237 and NVidia NForce 3/4 chipsets.
  • Gigabit ethernet via the VIA 6120 & 6122 Velocity chips.
  • Ethernet driver for NForce 3/4 chipsets.
  • Support for more AC97 audio codecs.

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