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Deliplayer was a commercial product when it started. I actually paid my $25 or whatever it was.

Several years later it became shareware/freeware/cardware or whatever it is now.

This is why it is a whole player, they tried to adopt the Nullsoft (WinAMP) approach and create a Mediaplayer that rivaled / surpassed the others that people might pay for.

For a small time back at the start it looked like they may actually do it... then the bottom dropped out of the Market. WinAMP became free, M$ launched XP with WMP9. Their skins / visualisations looked dated, their pay-for model looked very shakey. It is not surprising that they have stopped development (or at least made it a hobby project).

This is their baby, I wouldnt open source my 'lifes work'... at least not if there was the slightest chance that I would work on it again. Or that it may make me some income.

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