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Well, one thing that most posters here show is that we all were kids when the Amiga was a popular machine. So, noone had the money to buy a lot of games at this time.

I was 15 when I bought my first Amiga 500, and naturally I got lots of copied stuff and could not afford to buy more than a few originals every year. Still, I did buy my most favorite games of the time, like Dungeon Master, some Magnetic Scrolls and Infocom games, Drakkhen, Populous, Genghis Kahn, F-16 Fighting Falcon and a few more.

And guess what? The most fun I had at that time was with the originals. I loved manuals and the gimmicks in the boxes.

I also did a very strange thing: I sometimes played through a game and AFTER that, often years later, I purchased the original. Strange, isn´t it?

I do think that the Amiga was hurt by piracy in the later years. First, pirated copies helped to sell the hardware and make the Amiga big. Later, pirated copies led to some very bad sales of software that would have been worth buying, like Lionheart, BC Kid or Fire & Ice. The software companies switched to more profitable machines, which in turn hit sales of the Amiga hardware.

Still, the reason why the Amiga died was ONLY due to Commodore getting bancrupt. I am just reading "On the Edge", a very interesting book revealing some nice information about Commodore. With Commodore intact and bringing newer Amigas to the shops, there would have been a good chance that the Amiga would be still a living machine today. And it was not the Amiga that killed Commodore, it were serious management errors. The Amiga had the potential to carry Commodore, like Apple could survive in the shadow of those shitty PC machines.

Anyway, today the Amiga is dead, and most ppl that still use it seem to be guys in their 30s that grew up with it. Ppl that understand that the Amiga certainly is something "special" :-).

And, btw, games of the kind that were written in the glory days of the Amiga are just not made anymore. I hate those crapppy 3D shooters, they just make me sick. I don´t play Alien Breed 3D on the Amiga as well. I do play newer PC games sometimes, but I also still enjoy playing those old Amiga classics these days. And I still buy old Amiga games that I solved 10 or more years ago :-).

I have completely abandoned pirated copies today, if I play a PC game I downwload the demo and if I like what I see I buy the original, but it makes a difference if you have 20 euros or 2,000 euros of disposable income every month...
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