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Originally Posted by Ultron
Yeah, the idea that "Chuck Rock" has batter level design than Gods, it's pretty much bordering on the insane line. Superfrog? No, really

Turrican II is the only one that could be sanely held as a contendent, but Turrican is definitely about the songs, playability, arcade value, not about Level-Design, in Gods you could hand out certain items to thiefs and watch manipulate them to do your bidding, where the hell's that in Turrican II.

To be fully honest at least we can conclude that the only people who'd in their right mind claim that Gods' level design 'sucks' who'd have to be the same that claim Chuck Rock and Super frog are the be all end all of Game and Level design.
Chuck Rock, no, but Chuck Rock 2, yes, according to me. Why? Because I think Chuck Rock 2 does what it is supposed to do with its levels. It has got nothing to do with their size, their alternative routes or possible secrets to be found. I find they more fun to play. And, once again it is nothing more than personal opinions... which you seem to have big trouble dealing with?

I just can't find much constructiveness in what you are writing? Even though you really like Gods, does that have to keep you from respecting other peoples personal opinions, like the rest of the ones that have posted in this thread seemed to have done pretty well?

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