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Originally Posted by Dastardly
I definitely think this is the case. I've played all of those games and dont consider ANY of them to have better level design. In my experience most platformers of that era reuse the same graphics in a level from beginning to end due to technical reasons. I've played Super Metroid and from what I remember its far far more repetitive looking than Gods.
Well, it might be that that was your impression on Super Metroid, but technically speaking, it has got like 50+ different enemies and the look of entire world changes on an almost room to room basis (depending on what area you currently are visiting whereas the Norfair area is more repetative than the others). In Gods you have got four (is it?) different worlds which has to offer one type of graphics per world. In Super Metroid you have got probably around 30-40 different types of areas, graphicswise. So, yes, your impression might have been that it was repetative, but personal opinions aside, it is far from as repeative as Gods in its graphics (although I have to say it once again, I think the graphics in Gods are extremely nice, repetative or not).

I think the fact that Gods didnt get amazing reviews from Console mags is it simply isnt your typical console game. Console gamers generally want faster paced platformers and they want the ability to change direction mid jump and have the character instantly flip when they turn around. These traits are great in their place but none of these things would suit a game like Gods.
I have to agree. Gods wasn't your typical console game at all, and that did probably act as a potential turn off for many reviewers. But, on the other hand, most often when console gaming magazines (the ones that I have been reading through the years, at least), critisized games that were 'computer-ish' or ports from computers, I think they managed pretty well to rant when the ranting was completely understandable. Like when Warcraft 2 for the Saturn got bashed for not being able to adapt the controls in a good way to a joypad instead of a mouse, or when Turrican for the GameBoy simply didn't manage to live up to its Amiga predecessor. And, just like there was a war between owners of SEGA's consoles and owners of Nintendo's consoles, there was probably a war between those that prefered computer games instead of console games (although I never really experienced one myself).

I agree with what Muzkat says regarding the scrolling. It has NEVER been an issue for me and I can honestly say that I never even noticed any 'choppy' scrolling. [...] I agree 100% with this point. It isn't Superfrog/Megaman/Sonic and was never intended to be.
Well, if it hasn't been an issue to you, I'm glad on your behalf! But, if you haven't noticed any choopy scrolling routines, well, then I can't think of much else than me having much higher demands on the scroll, and/or screen refresh, than you have (in all honesty, people doesn't even seem to bother that Shadow of the Collossus for the PS2 drops down to 8-10 FPS at times, which to me almost renders the game unplayable). I think smooth scrolling, and/or screen refresh, is essential and to me Gods doesn't offer that. It doesn't really matter to me if Gods is slow paced or not, the choppy scrolling routines just makes the game look, and feel, like a rather hasted Atari ST port.

And, concerning Superfrog/Megaman/Sonic or whatever other platform game... neither do I think that Gods ever was inteded to be a game in the style of those mentioned... I think it was inteded to be a slow paced action/adventure game with tones of puzzles to be solved and alternative routes to be found on the way to the end of each stage, and, you know what? I think they succeded making it such a game. Its presentation, however, I don't think they succeded with (hence all my ranting), and as a side effect to me the game and its levels feels tedius to play. This I am saying just to make it clear that it is not that I generally dislike the genre Gods represents.

At times, I don't even think that I am getting my points through. Why I dislike the game, that is. And, it feels somewhat like this discussion is going around in circles. Personal opinions, that is one thing... and those I think everyone is entitled to have, and thus... what makes a good game to one could be a bad game to another, which pretty much renders the whole discussion useless... (but obviously people find it interesting, otherwise it would not have gone on for this long)... but, I can't understand how some can't understand why I am bothered by the choppy scrolling... no matter what they personally feel concerning the very same matter. I mean, if you had the choice, would you keep it as it is, or would you not mind it scrolling as good as it could have done if they had put a little more effort into the port?

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