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Originally Posted by Legerdemain

Turrican 2, to name one. The majority of the levels in Superfrog. Chuck Rock 2 (?). Lionheart (as far as I have played, though the game I have in my posession is broken). But, like someone said earlier... I am tempted to agree that it might be that the fact that I am disliking too many aspects of the game to be able to see the 'genius' of the level design in Gods.
I definitely think this is the case. I've played all of those games and dont consider ANY of them to have better level design.

Originally Posted by Legerdemain
My impression, however, as far as I have played the game is that the level design is tedious and repetative... which in turn I've come to feel, much due to it giving me the impression of having the classic Amiga 'maze'-style design, with pretty much the same graphics used from beginning to end in each level
In my experience most platformers of that era reuse the same graphics in a level from beginning to end due to technical reasons. Ive played Super Metroid and from what I remember its far far more repetitive looking than Gods.

Originally Posted by Legerdemain
I recall that when being ported to consoles it got pretty bashed by the reviewers. Some Swedish magazines gave it a really low score, and in general the game didn't seem to get that well recieved, neither by the public or by the media. I haven't played those versions... so I don't know what to think of them. But, what springs to mind is that I have always been more of a fan of console platformers.
I think the fact that Gods didnt get amazing reviews from Console mags is it simply isnt your typical console game. Console gamers generally want faster paced platformers and they want the ability to change direction mid jump and have the character instantly flip when they turn around. These traits are great in their place but none of these things would suit a game like Gods.

Originally Posted by Legerdemain
You can't say that the scroll is smooth, when comparing Gods to a game such as Superfrog. You can't say that the controls are fast and responsive, when comparing Gods to a game like Mega Man. But, you can, of course, say that the level design is genius at the same time as someone finds it horrible... because, then we have left the technical aspects of the game and entered the realm of personal opinions.
I agree with what Muzkat says regarding the scrolling. It has NEVER been an issue for me and I can honestly say that I never even noticed any 'choppy' scrolling. Regarding the level design, see my first point.

Originally Posted by Muzkat
The pace is slow, yes, but that is because it is a thinking man's platformer, not a diamond collector. Gods is meant to be explored. Hence I disagree with any comparisons to games like Mario, or Sonic or Superfrog.
I agree 100% with this point. It isn't Superfrog/Megaman/Sonic and was never intended to be.
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