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Originally Posted by Muzkat
I cannot for the life of me see any choppiness or slowness about it - it was always super smooth to me. The controls were just fine in my opinion too - making such a humungous point about not being able to change direction mid-jump is quite nitpicky, in my opinion. The pace is slow, yes, but that is because it is a thinking man's platformer, not a diamond collector. Gods is meant to be explored. Hence I disagree with any comparisons to games like Mario, or Sonic or Superfrog.
Well, as I've said, the controls are of course as good as the player finds them. I dislike this particular way of controling the character, but if the controls would have been extremely responsive, well, then I guess people that like Gods wouldn't feel like it was Gods anymore. It simply doesn't appeal to me.

Though, that you can't see the choppy scrolling is for me a mystery. But, on the other hand, people in general seem not to notice bad scrolling when they see it. Ruff'n Tumble being the prime example of this. But, the playing area of the screen in Gods refreshes something like every 1/4 of how smooth it actually COULD update (I am 100% sure this is due to Gods having been ported from the Atari ST, because the Amiga would have no trouble whatsoever with updating the screen in full 50Hz). Thus, when you move you don't see things 'fluently moving' 4 pixels on the screen when the game scrolls, rather, it JUMPS 4 pixels at each update. To me a game with bad scrolling automatically feels quite dated. With strategy games, it is ok with bad scrolling, but with platform games I find it essential that the scrolling (and the update of the screen) is good. Especially when games are as picky as Gods is concerning enemies and traps. Fluid scroll would have added SO much, I think. No matter if the game is slow paced or not. It would have looked prettier and possibly felt easier to control.
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