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Turrican 2, to name one. The majority of the levels in Superfrog. Chuck Rock 2 (?). Lionheart (as far as I have played, though the game I have in my posession is broken). But, like someone said earlier... I am tempted to agree that it might be that the fact that I am disliking too many aspects of the game to be able to see the 'genius' of the level design in Gods. I just can't bother about it, since I'm having enough trouble to keep the interest up for more than a couple of minutes... (due to all the things I have mentioned earlier).

My impression, however, as far as I have played the game is that the level design is tedious and repetative... which in turn I've come to feel, much due to it giving me the impression of having the classic Amiga 'maze'-style design, with pretty much the same graphics used from beginning to end in each level (in a way that makes the game feel even more maze like). A rather monotomous feeling, it gives me. Much like the design of the Alien Breed levels. At times, you get the feeling of not really knowing where you are or where you are going. Even though games like Super Metroid and Castlevania - Symphony of the Night are maze like, they just don't feel repetative in the same way.

But, like I said, I just migt have been blinded by the aspects of the game which bothers me so much. So blinded that I just can't see what so many people think is there to be found (especially concerning the level design).

I recall that when being ported to consoles it got pretty bashed by the reviewers. Some Swedish magazines gave it a really low score, and in general the game didn't seem to get that well recieved, neither by the public or by the media. I haven't played those versions... so I don't know what to think of them. But, what springs to mind is that I have always been more of a fan of console platformers. More so than computer platformers. I have always felt that really genius level design came from Japan, where levels could be short aswell as long, but always intriguing and genuine and non repetative all the way through. With computer platformers, especially european ones, the levels easily felt like they could get enormous, repetative graphicswise and too often 'maze' like with different 'missions' to accomplish to be able to enter the exit (Zool, Superfrog, Kid Chaos and such). I think it was pretty apparent in rather many genres. European shooters, for example... where a level in itself in games like Gradius, Salamander and R-Type NEVER got repetative, games like Xenon 2, Project-X and other computer shooters had looooooooooooong and repetative levels which never seemed to end.

But, of course this is not true in all cases. There are quite a few exceptions. Anyways, my point here is that there are many things which might have coloured my opinion concerning Gods. Just with pretty much everything related to opinions in this world. We don't just have them for no reason at all. I just feel that although some of my opinions on Gods are nothing but personal opinions, I do feel entitled to have them even though many will disgree with them. Some of the more technical aspects of the game, like the choppy scrolling and slow controls, though, are things that I find it hard for someone to ever disagree with. You can't say that the scroll is smooth, when comparing Gods to a game such as Superfrog. You can't say that the controls are fast and responsive, when comparing Gods to a game like Mega Man. But, you can, of course, say that the level design is genius at the same time as someone finds it horrible... because, then we have left the technical aspects of the game and entered the realm of personal opinions.

I don't really know what more to say, more so than I just can't see the greatness of Gods. I think it is way too flawed for me to find it enjoyable.

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