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Originally Posted by Solid Snake
Yes, I know its possible to just play FFE under windoze, but to see it running on an Amiga would be great. The kind of feeling you got when PC Doom was ported to the Amiga. I believe a port is possible under AGA OS3.5+/040+/16MB

Basically, how does a 'port' of a program work?
Depends on what you have from the program. In the case of FFE not much besides the binary, which leds to the hardest part: understanding 10 thousand of lines of assembler code and get an idea how everything works together. Then reimplent it for another system.

Its different for id games as you can get sources for their old games (including comments how everything works). In the optimal case you only replace OS-specific parts and hit compile, without having to understand the innards of the game itself.

So in a nutshell its alot harder than porting Doom, and I dont think many people would care. The feeling I got when Doom was ported?
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