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Originally Posted by extentofmysin
As for the best SNES games, thats prob another topic all on its own.. just dont mention RPGs, or youll get everyone going! the time I only really got into Secret of Mana, now that one really should be released some day on the GBA/DS if it hasnt already.
Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu II) made my go hysterical back in the days. Mostly because the general, and contemporary, lack of RPGs released over here. I loved its music, graphics and, well, pretty much everything. But, today, I think it is nothing more than an average and pretty flawed action-RPG. It is too short (last time I played it through I beat it in less than 20 hours, and then I didn't know the game too well). It lacks story (you can certainly tell that they had to reduce the games plot from the original CD version that they were developing, and mix that together with the fact that it was a rushed 'one week' translation made by one man only, even more of the already cut plot was lost in the process). At times, nothing seems logical, and you don't really know what to do. The game just feels like a mixed bag of things that just seem to happen for no apparent reason. And, finally, what bothers me the most, is the fact that no matter how you configure the movement of your computer aided characters, they will keep getting stuck in pretty much everything they can get stuck in, running into arrows, monsters, whatever, just to make you have to backtrack to get them on track again and use an uneccessary amount of health items (which already is pretty limited in your inventory) just to keep them alive. Oh, and also there is this really bothersome way of beating the crap out of the later bosses... you just keep tossing magic at them until they die, leaving them with no chance of ever attacking you (besides when your attacks have added up to the maximum amount of damage you can deal, and you will have to make a short pause in your attacks leaving the bosses free to deal some damage).

Really flawed game, with stunning visuals and lovely music. The sequel (Seiken Densetsu III) is way much better, according to me. And, I am pretty sure that if I had played that game back in the days (if I had known japanese, because back then we didn't have this excellent unofficial translation which is available today) I would have gone woooooooow in a much more lasting way than with Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu II). In fact, I still today consider Seiken Densetsu III being one of the best action-RPGs ever released for the SNES.
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