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Originally Posted by Ultron
Is this thread about bad games? Or about bad Players? Because with all these people claiming Gods, Speedball 2, SWIV and Turrican "Suck", i'm left with the impression... ... do these games suck, or do YOU suck?
The last time I played through Turrican II i had 35 lives left when I beat The Machine. I've even played through the game without dying one single life. As for the original Turrican I did beat it the first time I played it (which was rather recently). I love the Turrican series... and it doesn't bother me that the games are way too easy for their own good, because what they have to offer (Turrican II in general) is to me amongst the best of what the Amiga platformers has to offer.

Gods, on the other hand... I just can't bother to play it through, because there are so many things which bothers me with the game in itself. I played it a bit a couple of days ago, just to be sure I wasn't ranting more than I actually should... but, after a couple of levels I got so fed up with it all that I had to quit. Of course there can be people out there that loves the way you control the character... loves the way that the player slowly turns when you change direction... or loves the way that when you have started a jump can't do anything about it if, or when, you realise that you are jumping straight into an enemy, or a hole, or some traps, or whatever... or simply loves the way the slow controls adds to the challange... but, on the other hand, I will never ever believe that people wouldn't prefer the game to run smoothly with perfect 50Hz 1 pixel scroll if they had the option to do so. It makes the game feel extremely dated, to me, and makes Bitmap Brothers look like a company which didn't bother about using the Amiga hardware while porting the game because they were too lazy. But, though, they do use the copper. Which is nice. In general I think the entire game looks really nice... graphics wise... but that is pretty much all the praise it can get from me. So, no, I can't say that agree with your theory on me (or people in general) being lousy players just because they dislike game x or y. I think it is a matter of personal opinion on what is good and what is not, rather.

Because as Dastardly says, Gods has one of the most inventive level designs, secret passages, the Amiga's ever seen, one of the complainers complains about the "controls", yet, i never had a problem with them, nor any of the reviewers that gave them glowing scores, nor the hundreds or thousands of fans out there...
But neither have I read any magazines giving ClickBoom Quake a low score because of how slowly it runs. It plays nothing like it was intended to play when originally designed. To me, the game is a pain to play through, just because it runs so damn slow and offers slowdowns whenever some action starts to take place or when the environments are getting too wide and 'open'. Just because 'the masses' love something, doesn't have to mean that it is pure quality... rather, I'd like to say that it is somthing that simply 'appeals to the masses'. Quake got rave reviews, I think, because it was Quake on the Amiga (finally) rahter than being a good and really playable port.

So, are you really simply telling us, that you suck at it? Because... there's a difference, between a game sucking, you you being a crap player - Being a crap gamer, doesn't automatically mean the game "sucks", it means you suck.
Your logic fails to impress me. To me, claiming to have the opinion that game x or y sucks does in no way equal to having to suck at playing game x or y.

There are people out there that feels perfectly fine with loading up Shadow of the Beast 2 during a couple of minutes, watch the loooong introduction seqeuence, play for 1-2 minutes and try to memorize everything, die, watch the loooong ending sequence, wait for the title to load, watch the looooong intro sequence again, play for another 3-4 minutes and try to memorize everything, die, watch the loooong ending and repeat this process until they have learnt the entire game and finally will manage to beat it. That is just not my idea of what fun gaming is like. And, when I claim that Shadow of the Beast 2 is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to 'difficult' and slow loading to ever be able to be a 'good' game, I don't consider myself a lousy player. Shadow of the Beast 2 did manage, just like the original SotB, to impress thousands of players with it great looking graphics and for some reason that seemed to be enough to make people overlook the 'faults' of the game. I am pretty confident that many people still today praise this game without ever having played it for more than a couple hours and never managed to achieve pretty much anything in order to complete the game. They just feel too nostalgic to see what can be seen if you look at the game from a different perspective. And, I am pretty sure that some people have spent countless hours on the game up until the point where they finally have managed to complete it. Just to go around telling people that it isn't impossible at all to beat without cheating and that one just have to give it some time to be able to beat it and finally see the greatness of it all. Does all this make SotB2 a good game, though? No, I think not. I think it still managed to be nothing but a pretty looking tech-demo with utter crap playability, in terms of the masses being able to play it or not. A majority of the people simply didn't bother about playing the game because they found it too slow loading and hard, and I REFUSE to think that it has got anything at all to do with those people being lousy players or not.

All footballs are round, if another guy can score, and you can't, it ain't the ball - It's you. There's a difference.
Yes. But then there is the matter of personal taste, which you simply seem to have overlooked. There is always the possibility of being logical. If one guy can be logical, and you can't, it ain't the logic - It's you. There's a difference.

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