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Usually the only jumpers are Term, TermPwr, and three or four jumpers for the SCSI ID. SCSI ID does not matter except that you must not use the same ID on different devices. Term should be off if you use terminators or if the drive is in the middle of the cable. If it is the last device on the cable, Term should be on.

TermPower should be supplied by exactly one device. I don't know if the BlizzardPPC supplies TermPower and if it is terminated. This should be described in the manual. If it is not terminated, you need a terminator or a terminated device on the other end of the cable, too. If it does not supply term power, you should set the TermPwr jumper on one (and only one) of the other devices.

IMHO you should first check NSDPatch.cfg. If there is a line with blizzppc.device, remove it. It is not needed for use with PFS3. (But it is needed for use with FFS.)
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