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Look at the result of your first run of Check4GB. The rows with the problematic partitions say in the "check" column: * N T. "*" means that the check was not ok, "N" means it supports NSD commands and "T" means that it supports TD64 commands. An additional "S" would have meant it supports HD_SCSICMD, too, but it doesn't (which I still find very irritating: a SCSI driver which does not allow SCSI commands to be used).

I don't know if it is in the documentation somewhere, but I know that Phase5 was one of the founders of the TD64 standard and all Phase5 SCSI drivers support TD64.

BTW, there is no TD64 patch. The only patch available is NSDPatch, which does not have anything to do with TD64 (except that it can use TD64 commands if they already are supported). And even if a patch existed, it would convert TD64 commands to SCSI commands which in turn are not supported by your device.

While I think about it, it could be that the error which happens when using SCSI commands is not because of SCSI commands are not supported but because the SCSI commands somehow fail. Are you sure your HDD is connected and jumpered correctly and that the SCSI bus is terminated correctly ?
Unfortunately neither Check4GB nor PFSDoctor say which error code was returned when attempting to use SCSI commands.

Another thought: did you check devs:nsdpatch.cfg ? Perhaps the line for blizzppc.device is not correct. It could be that NSDPatch patches blizzppc.device so that it rejects SCSI commands although they are supported.
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