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Is this thread about bad games?

Or about bad Players?

Because with all these people claiming Gods, Speedball 2, SWIV and Turrican "Suck", i'm left with the impression...

... do these games suck, or do YOU suck?

Because as Dastardly says, Gods has one of the most inventive level designs, secret passages, the Amiga's ever seen, one of the complainers complains about the "controls", yet, i never had a problem with them, nor any of the reviewers that gave them glowing scores, nor the hundreds or thousands of fans out there...

So, are you really simply telling us, that you suck at it? Because... there's a difference, between a game sucking, you you being a crap player - Being a crap gamer, doesn't automatically mean the game "sucks", it means you suck.

All footballs are round, if another guy can score, and you can't, it ain't the ball - It's you.

There's a difference.
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