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Installing PFS3 on 8.5GB SCSI HD

How do I install PFS3 on a large SCSI HD?
I installed the software, updated it and followed the instructions which are on the CD.
I have 5 partition, all are 1.5GB. I formated (full format)the first 2 partion using pfsformat but when I tried to format the third but I get the message that it can't format it due to it's over 4GB.
I can quick format all of my partition but then I can't use the tools which come with PFS3.
Does somebody know how to overcome this problem?
My system is as follow:
- A1200T
- Blizzard PPC +603 175/40/25
- OS 3.9 BB2
- Mediator
- Voodoo3
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