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As their HD versions crash I thought......."what is the PC version of Valhalla like?".

So I looked round the site some more and found out I need to download the Vulcan-Portal, which I did. After a long wait it started up and Ahhhhh It started speaking to me....very creepy :eek.

Next I tried to request Valhalla...damn I need to I did.

After I got my free Registration details I tried again. So I reloaded the Portal which said "Good afternoon Paul" then tried to request Valhalla which next said

Hello Grag

Hello David

Could you see if the request for Valhalla episode 1 is ready for Paul yet please.



Sorry the request has not been processed yet.

Right we will try again later,

Cherieo Grag etc….
So I am now waiting and have found out I only get episode 1 out of the 12 free..... So hang on they are giving the 12 Amiga episodes away free but only 1 of the PC versions.

Anyway I hope this is not the Future way of buying computer games as I want the full game and do not want to buy in episodes.
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