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Floppy disk PROB - ADF files back into Amiga disks

I have been trying to turn some old ADF files back into Amiga disks.

I am using an unmodified A500 with the memory expansion in the bottom, and running WB 2.1

These are the steps that I have been using.

a)Compress FILE.ADF to FILE.LZH on the PC and copy to a 720K IBM disk

b)Uncompress PC0:FILE.LZH: to DF1:FILE.ADF

This is where it fails

The progress display tells me that the file has a total size of 901,120 bytes, and it counts upwards until it reaches around 800,000 bytes then it stops and tells me that the dick is full. ( I think those number are correct)

What am I doing wrong?

How much can a FDD on a A500 hold?

I also have a problem copying it memory, it keeps saying it is full

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