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> I think it's just a bit ill-considered (sp?) to try to make money out of games for old
> machines, I didn't say anything about freeware games.

Please define 'old' ? The Amiga market is in really bad shape now due to another two years
with no new products. But still you can sell 500-1000 copies of a *good* title (which this
game certainly isn't), so I think it's not *that* stupid ;-) (as long as you don't have to
make a living from it).

Three years ago, the Voxel flight simulator "Shadow Of The Third Moon" sold 10.000 copies,
you won't sell much more copies of a Mac title.

Just that you are not buying Amiga stuff anymore doesn't mean the market has completely
vanished (granted, it will vanish in the next half year if the new PPC based motherboards
and OS4 will be suffer from more delays).
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