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Until someone ports UADE you can use XMplay and the amazing plugin delix.

Supported formats (121): Action Amics Soundtool, AHX, AM Composer, AMOS Music
Bank, Art & Magic player, Art Of Noise (4 voices), Beathoven Synthesizer, Ben
Daglish player, Ben Daglish SID player, Blade Packer, Chip Tracker, Cinemaware
player, Core Design player, CustomMade, Darius Zendeh player, Dave Lowe new
player, Dave Lowe player (DAVELOWE), Dave Lowe player (UNCLEART), David
Whittaker player, Delta Music 1.0, Delta Music 2.0, Desire player, DigiBooster,
Digital Sonix & Chrome player, Digital Sound Studio, Dynamic Synthesizer, Ear
Ache, Editeur Musical Sequentiel, Fashion Tracker, "Forgotten Worlds" player,
Fred Editor, Fred Gray player, Future Composer 1.3, Future Composer 1.4,
Future Composer BSI, Future Player, GlueMon, Howie Davies player, Images Music
System, In Stereo 1.0, In Stereo 2.0, Infogrames player, JamCracker, Janko
Mrsic-Flogel player, Jason C. Brooke player, Jason Page player, Jeroen Tel
player, Jochen Hippel player, Jochen Hippel 7V player, Jochen Hippel COSO player,
Kris Hatlelid player, Leggless Music Editor, Magnetic Fields packer, Major Tom
player, Maniacs of Noise player, Mark Cooksey player, Mark Cooksey old player,
Mark II Sound System, Martin Walker player, MED/OctaMED (4 voices), MED/OctaMED
(8 voices), Medley, Mike Davies player, MMDC, Mugician, Mugician II, Music
Assembler, NovoTrade packer, Paul Robotham player, Paul Shields player, Paul
Summers player, Peter Verswyvelen packer, Pierre Adane packer, PowerTracker,
Professional Sound Artists player, PumaTracker, Quadra Composer, Richard Joseph
player, Riff Raff player, Rob Hubbard player, Rob Hubbard ST player, Scumm player,
Sean Connolly player, Sean Conran player, SIDMon 1.0, SIDMon 2.0, Silmarils player,
Sonic Arranger, Sonic Arranger packed, Sonix, Soprol, Sound Master, Sound Player,
Soundcontrol, Soundfactory, SoundFX, SoundImages, SoundMon 2.0, SoundMon 2.2,
Special FX, Speedy A1 System, Speedy System, Steve Barrett player, Steve Turner
player, SunTronic, SynthDream, Synthesis, SynthPack, SynTracker, TFMX, TFMX 7V,
TFMX Pro, The Musical Enlightenment, Thomas Hermann player, Tim Follin player,
TomyTracker, TronicTracker, Voodoo Supreme Synthesizer, Wally Beben player, YMST
and custom players.

Plus Xmplay can use winamp plugins so there's a lot of other non-amiga formats supported to.
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