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Yeah, that "social" aspect is almost gone today. Back in the homecomputer-era, how many afternoons/nights did we spent together in front of one screen, watching each other play?

"Try to get up there! easy... just like that... now, now, JUMP! JU... NOOOOOOOOoooooo! *lol*"

And who ever sat around, watching someone else play UT2004 for a whole night? :-P
Exactly. My entire teen years were spent going over to friends houses to play the videogames they had. In fact every friendship I had was based on that. How else would you get to know someone or get invited to their house unless they said something like, "I just got an Atari 800XL. Do you want to come to my house to play Rescue on Fractalus?"

In the old days everybody would just go to the lucky rich kid's house to swim in his pool. Shooting aliens on distant planets became much more interesting than swimming. Now that computers are boring, I'd go for the pool every time.
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