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Exclamation Deliplayer Development Stopped - Project Dead

This is a great shame, i love amiga tunes, mods, and chiptunes, and let's face it Deliplayer was the go to solution, despite it's many shortcomings on the PC platform...

Originally Posted by Jon
Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:58 pm Post subject: Upset with Deliplayer progress. /its DEAD

I am upset with the progress of dp2 / 3

I have been attempting to contact both Florian and Peter over the past 6 months with no reply.

My angle on the project has always been that its great to support all the formats but lets build on that and concentrate on the future requirements. And 'dumb up the UI' so winampers can use the program .......

I would never have considered posting the above had it not been for the total silance (even to me) of Florian and Peter about the progress (or lack of) of the dp project over the past 6/12/24 months.

I still regard deliplayer as one of the best audio p[layers for Windows...... but I have to admit I am very upset that the project has ground to a halt in such a way.

I don't know what else to say?! !!!!!! ???????????????
I'd wish someone would continue the project, at least to fix it's bugs and perfomance issues, since most formats are already supported. The app is unfortunately pretty bloated, still.

I'd really wish they'd release this into Open Source if they abandoned all development, it's a shame to think we're now stuck with the current version(s) and the program simply went to the trashcan. Or at least hand down the sources to someone so they don't get lost forever. We simply don't have any other program the caliber of Deliplayer for Amiga tunes.
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