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Cinemaware posts Amiga games for download

Cinemaware has started posting their classic amiga games for download. Check it out at

Here's a blurb..

We are pleased to offer the original Amiga version of this game in ROM form. The ROMs have been compressed in Zip format, so you will need a Zip tool such as WinZip to extract them.

In order to play the ROM, you will need to first download the appropriate Amiga Emulator for your system and acquire a Kickstart Rom.

Please note: The Kickstart ROM is copyrighted by Amiga International and we may not distribute it. Officially licensed Amiga ROM and OS files are available both for download and on CD-ROM as part of Cloanto's Amiga Forever package, which includes Kickstart files up to v. 3.1 (the latest version).

For additional methods for acquiring the Kickstart ROM, please refer to the "Kickstart ROM Information" at
Kinda funny how they call the disk images roms. Wonder if they realize you can WRITE information on these images which does not make them read-only..

Anyways, good to see yet another company releasing their old software to the masses instead of trying to make a few quarters off it like some other company we know that starts with an A and ends with an A.. rhymes with lamiga.. then again they always had a meagah marketing strategy.. sorry for the pun..

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