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Does anyone have a website or list of the emulators available to run on an Amiga?
Can any be run well from within an Amiga emulator? haha.. and do any work well?

I want WinUAE and Mame32 for my ZX Speccy!
128K of course so they should at least run for a few mins

Until then, Ill stick to my struggling PC (1600mhz athlon 1gig Geforce 128FX5500).
Pretty good for most emulators, although framerate sometimes isnt 100%
(talking mainly mame32 rather than zx32). For pc I can just about run
Tomb Raider Legends, which I was surprised about at the time (even before the
ram update). I dont want to even attempt anything remotedly similar to GTA SA.

I dont think it would cope very well. lol
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