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It took me about 15 minutes to talk my wife into the C64 the day it came out at Sears. Back then we lived in a one room apt with a mattress on the floor and a K-mart locker/trunk for a coffee table.

I bought the only games they had. Solo Flight and Zork. Our friends would come over just to sit on our couch with us and drink beers and try to solve the puzzles of Zork and to fly that mail around. It was the best gaming experience I've had.

Lots of games since have been great, but the absolute awe of playing Questron for the first time has stayed with me all these years later.

No, I don't want to trade in my GT Auto games for those old days, but every now and then, I miss that excitement. Heck, we were pretty happy with our "Pong" console when we got that. lol
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