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I miss that hype feeling in games. Most of the time I just don’t get that excited. Last time I followed a game release was Knight of the republic II, sith lords, and that crap wasn’t even finished when it came out. The endless stream of console FPS excitement is a mystery to me. Not only do they play worse then their PC counterpart due to controls, they all pretty much haven’t improved since half life or Halo.

DOOM (PC): The game that sold the PC. The graphics where amazing, and then I got to play my first network death-match Wow, the intensity beat anything on my poor amiga could offer at that time.

StreetfighterII(Arcade) : It’s hard to remember the feeling since every beat em up these days offer more cool things, combos and o on. But there was a time when the character design, gameplay and specials on SF II were original, especially Dhalsim and Blanka.

Systemshock I/II: Not the most technically impressive game ever, but the big bad shodan when you step out of the elevator.. still the best sound design I know.

Metal gear solid PSX: The game that for me killed the discussion of (new) 3d games can’t play/look as good (old) 2d. One of the first really “big” games, for good or bad that showed what a large development team can do with some money.

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